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a. To establish and administer educational institutions of all natures and categories for all and provide better education to the children of the Christian community, with special emphasis to the development of their spiritual, cultural, and educational aspects and heritage of the Christian community in the state.

b. To establish and administer educational institutions of general and secular nature and through them to foster and preserve the culture of the Christian community.

c. To establish and administer educational institutions of secular nature where the facilities of such institutions are made available to all and to inculcate in them the Christian values, so as to enable and equip them to be worthy citizens of this country.

d. To provide technical education at Graduate, Post Graduate and Doctoral levels in all branches, specialties and disciplines of Engineering, Applied Sciences and Technology including Management Sciences.

e. To provide technical education programme through part-time courses at the Diploma, Degree, Post Graduate and Doctoral levels in all branches, specialties and disciplines of Engineering, Applied Sciences and Technology, including Management Sciences, sandwich courses, evening-courses, short and non-formal courses, continuing education programme, and distance education.

f. To provide collegiate education, viz. Pre-Degree and Degree Courses, Integrated Courses, Post-Graduate Courses Doctoral Programmes in Arts, Science, Commerce, Medicine, Social Sciences, Veterinary Science, Social Work, Education, Integrated Rural Development etc.

g. To provide adult and continuing education, non-formal education in all fields, careers and professional courses, evening colleges and part-time courses both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels to all, especially the weaker sections of the society, by training them for better employment and other opportunities.

h. To provide industrial education, research and training at all levels viz. Craftsman Technical and Professional, through sandwich courses, training before and after education and vacation courses in various skills, arts and crafts as well as the different branches of Engineering, Technology, Industry, Commerce and Applied Arts including, all other branches of education such, as Agriculture, Horticulture, Sericulture, Forestry, Textiles, Industry Design, Home Science, Dietetics, Nutrition etc.


a. To provide ample opportunities for integrating the education and training to suit the needs of socio-economic development, social service, community service, rural development, urban development, and such other new disciplines and specialties through establishment of Research and Training cum production centers.

b. To provide teachers’ training programmes, teacher service and courses for general teaching, collegiate teaching and for teaching in technical and technological institutions.

c. To provide job oriented education training and work experience programmes including ‘earn while you learn’ programme so as to promote self-employment and entrepreneurship.

d. To provide for the dissemination of literary, cultural, scientific and technical information through educational and literary surveys, publication of journals, magazines, periodicals, newspapers, books, pamphlets etc., in the regional languages as well as in English and Hindi and to establish necessary facilities for printing and publication.

e. To undertake and promote research and development activities in industry, trade and commerce through establishment of Research and Development centres and by extending technical and financial assistance to the existing R&D Centres functioning in industries and educational institutions and to provide consultancy and technical assistance.

f. To encourage, undertake, promote and associate with integrated rural development programmes and schemes including rural reconstruction programmes formulated in conformity with similar policies and programmes adopted by Central/State Governments from time to time.

g. For the furtherance of the objects enumerated above, to organize and facilitate conferences, seminars, study courses, training programmes, lectures and workshops and similar other activities.


a. To accept donations, grants, presents and other gifts of both moveable and immovable properties and deal with the same for the purpose of the Society

b. To recoup themselves for the outlay and expenses incurred in the upkeep and maintenance of institutions established by the Society.

c. To acquire movable and immovable properties by purchase, lease or otherwise and to construct buildings and all kinds of structures for all or any of the purposes of the Society.

d. To invest funds or deal with the same as the Governing Board may deem fit, to carry on the objects of the Trust effectively subject only in accordance with the provisions of section 13(1), read with section 11(5) of the Income Tax Act 1961.

e. To enter into any arrangement with any government authorities whether Central, State, Local, Municipal or otherwise in pursuance of the objects of the Society and to obtain from any such government authority all rights, concessions, privileges that may deem conducive to the Society’s objects.

f. To sell, lease, dispose of, exchange, improve, manage, develop or otherwise deal with any shares, monies, securities and all kind of movable or immovable properties for all or any of the above purposes.

g. To promote companies, associations, co-operatives or any other institutions or participate in or collaborate with in any manner in the promotion of any such institutions, which have objects consistent and are in line with the objects mentioned above.

h. To acquire land and plot them into building sites or help in the construction of buildings for residential or other purposes with a view to relieve the increasing housing scarcity especially among the lower income group.

i. To borrow on security or otherwise with or without interest monies from banks, financial institutions, companies, individuals or other whomsoever, in any manner whatsoever, for all or any of the above purposes for which the society is established, and to pledge or hypothecate the assets of the society for such purpose.

j. To give donations, subscriptions endowments, scholarships and gifts (movable or immovable) to any institutions or person in furtherance of the objects of the society.

k. To pay the costs, charges and other expenses preliminary and incidental to the formation, establishment and registration of the Society.

l. To identify any emergency or acute problem arising in the community and to quickly develop some programmes to provide the kind of help and aid that is necessary to alleviate those problems, and

m. Generally to do all such other acts or things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.


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