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B Tech Admission Rank List and Counselling Schedule

Approvals and Affiliation


ISO 9001:2008



1. NOC for starting ECE, ME and EEE

2. NOC for starting CE,CS and MCA   

3. NOC for additional B.Tech ME programme

4. NOC for B.Tech in  AEI and MBA Programmes

5.NOC for M.Tech Machine Design and Power System Programmes

6. NOC for M.Tech Geo Machines & Structures and VLSI and EMbedded Systems

7. NOC for addtional intake in M.Tech Power Systems

8. NOC for M.Tech CSSE,SECM and additional intake in MCA, MBA , B.Tech CSE and CE 


1.Approval for the establishment of College

2. Name change

3. AICTE 2003-2004

4. AICTE 2004-2005

5. AICTE 2005-2006

6. AICTE 2006-2007

7. AICTE 2007-2008

8. AICTE 2008-2009

9. AICTE 2009-2010

10. AICTE 2010-2011

11. AICTE 2011-2012

12. AICTE 2012-2013

13. AICTE 2013-2014

14. AICTE 2014-2015

15. AICTE 2015-2016

16. AICTE 2016-2017

17. AICTE 2017-2018

18. AICTE 2018-2019

University Affiliation

1. Initial Affiliation

2. Name change

3. AEI and MBA Approval

4. Approval for increase in the intake of B.Tech ME Programme

5. Approval for the M.Tech Programmes , Machine Design and Power Systems 

6. Approval for increase in the intake of B.Tech CE, CSE and MCA

7. Approval for M.Tech programmes Geo Mechanics & Structures, VLSI and Embedded 

8. Approval for additional batch in M.Tech in Power System

9.Approval for additional batch in M.Tech in VLSI & Embedded Systems and Geo Mechanics and Structures

10. Approval for additional batch in B.Tech CSE and  CE, and for new M.Tech programmes Computer Science & System Engineering and Structural Engineering & Construction Management 

11. Approval for  new MCA Lateral and additional MBA programme

12. KTU 15-16 Affiliation

13. KTU 16-17 Affiliation

14. KTU 17-18 Affiliation

15. KTU 18-19 Affiliation



Important Dates

Event & Activity

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