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 Collaboration with Bennett University

The research group ‘Bodhisattva’ is formed as part of Saintgits collaboration with Bennett University on AI and Deep Learning skilling projectunder the initiative.This is a collaborative project sanctioned by Royal Academy of Engineering, UK under Newton Bhabha Fund and it is titled “Making Deep Learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence) skills mainstream in India to fulfilltrilateral needs of entrepreneurship, Industry-academia partnership and application inspired Engineering Research”.The project involves skilling and research through 10 other collaborator institutions, 100 Lead zonal partners and 1000 basicpartner institutions, 10000 teachers and 1000000 Students in India. It also intends to bringaround 100 startups which will be closely associated with this project. The project is launched on 17th April by AICTE Chairman and MEITY Secretary at BennettUniversity, Greater Noida. All the details are available at the website,

The team Bodhisattva

The research group at Saintgits

Lead Person: Dr.Wilscy M


  • Dr.Biku Abraham
  • Dr.Lija Jacob
  • Er.Veena A Kumar
  • Er.Selvam E
  • Er.Nithin Prince John
  • Ms.Rani Saritha R
  • Er.Arun Varghese
  • Er..Bobby Paul
  • Dr.Rahul Antony

On-going research projects by faculty and students of Saintgits


On-going projects 

  • Automated Attendance System using Deep Learning
  • Missing Person Identification using Deep Learning

As part of the skill development on Deep Learning , different workshops, interactions with experts  and  add on courses related to machine and deep learning were conducted for faculty and students of  Saintgits.

1.Faculty sharing knowledge

The research team @ Saintgits College of Engineering ‘Bodhisatva’  tookinitiative to share their ideas and knowledge in deep learning.

On June 13th , 2018  ,Ms Veena A Kumar and Mr. Nithin Prince gave a theory and practice session on basics of Phython  and deep learning .This  was done as a preparatory course for the workshop on AI and Deep Learning conducted on 25th -27th , 2018.

2. Workshop on AI and Deep Learning

As part of the nationwide “Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning Skilling and Research”, project funded by Royal Academy of Engineering, UK under the Newton Bhabha Fund, a Three-day workshop was conducted at Saintgits College of Engineering, Kottayam, on 25 - 27 June 2018.

3. Interaction with Dr.Chakravarthy

As part of expert visit by Dr,Upendranatha Sherma Chakravarthy, he had interaction with research team  members.

Speaker Profile

Dr.Upendranatha Sherma Chakravarthy

Professor Computer Science and Engineering Department and  Founder: Information Technology Laboratory (IT Lab), and  Distributed and Parallel Computing Cluster (DPCC) The University of Texas at Arlington Arlington, TX 76019-0015.



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