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The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering has a full-fledged Department Library with a total of 1204 books till date. The Library has been divided into the ten sections: Networks , Digital Electronics, Signal Processing Books, Circuits and Devices Books, Embedded System, Communication Engineering, Non- Departmental Books, Electrical Technology, Manuals and CDs, VLSI Technology.

Er. Marie Kottayil James is in charge of the Department Library. Proper monitoring of the Stock and Issue registers is constantly done. A library audit is conducted at the end of every semester by a team of three faculty, designated by the H.O.D. We are expecting more books, that will be helpful for the current M.Tech syllabus.

For improving the reference section of department library, the following consolidations have been done: Prabanth(consolidation of B Tech Seminars ), Laghukalapana (consolidation of B Tech Mini Project), Varenya Manisha (consolidation of B Tech Main project) ,Puramlokam (consolidation of B.Tech Social visit , Industrial visit and training) Acharya Prabanth (consolidation of M Tech Seminar: ), Vyvsaya Vivaranika (consolidation of M Tech Training), Acharya Manisha (consolidation of M Tech Main Project ).The co-ordinator for the same is Er. Ashwin P V.

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