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Continuing Education Programmes

With the rapid pace of growth in science & technology Continuing Education for working professionals as well as students is a vital need. The Continuing Education Programme has been set up to meet the training and knowledge up gradation. It widens their knowledge and improves the skills. We makes them globally competitive and be at the cutting edge of technology by providing training and expertise in critical areas.

List of continuing education programmes offered by the department

LabVIEW For Engineering Applications

Co-ordinators     : Dr. P S Godwin Anand

Duration             : 30 hours (Full-time and part-time)

Objective            : To train the participants how to develop basic applications in the LabVIEW graphical programming environment, to create applications using a state machine design pattern, to create LabVIEW programs for data acquisition and control.

Contents            : LabVIEW Environment, creating, editing and debugging virtual instruments, grouping data, plotting, data logging, iterative data transfer, data acquisition and control, image acquisition, Sensor and actuator interface.

Programmable Logic Controllers

Coordinators  : Er. Jyothikrishnan M, Er. Sita Radhakrishnan

Duration        : 2 Days (Full-time)

Objective        :To provide fundamental knowledge on the operations and functions of programmable logic controllers and the interfacing concepts for industrial applications.

Contents        :Different PLC Brand software and Hardware Introduction, Programming Instructions, HMI/MMI introduction, Screen development and data configuration, PLC interfacing.

MATLAB for Engineering Design

Coordinators  : Dr. Rahul Antony, Er. Harinarayanan MG

Duration        : 2 Days (Full-time)

Objective        : This course provides an aggressively gentle introduction to MATLAB. It is designed to give students fluency in MATLAB, including popular toolboxes. The course consists of interactive lectures with students doing sample MATLAB problems in real time. Problem-based MATLAB assignments are given which require significant time on MATLAB.

Contents        : Variables, scripts, and operations, Visualization and programming, Solving equations and curve fitting, Advanced methods, Symbolics, Simulink, file I/O, building GUIs

The IoT (Internet of Things)

Coordinators  : Er. Ancy Varghese

Duration        : 20 hours (Full-time)

Objective        : This course gives an introduction to Internet of Things.The course is designed as a hands on training on Arduino Uno board.By attending the course, students will get familiar with the working, ports and tools used in it.

Contents        : Obstacle Detection using IR and Ultrasonic Sensors, Automatic Street light using LDR, using Android app to control devices.

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