Caltech - Saintgits Institute of Management


Saintgits College of Engineering and Saintgits Institute of Management are working with the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), USA, which is acclaimed as the top technical university in the world, have been working together on a three-year collaborative program on 'Product Design for Developing World'. This academic partnership launched in 2011 has facilitated the SAINTGITS students to team up with Caltech students in identifying the needs of the rural consumer in order to design products that are affordable to the consumer. The joint team has identified problem areas including products and processes, where economic, mechanical solutions can improve productivity, reduce hazards and create better earning potential for the bottom of the pyramid. Seven student teams are working on seven distinct projects under the course that is conducted by video conferencing. The student teams are also involved in market research to develop new products for the rural consumer. The collaborative program is a great experience for Saintgits students, exposing them to global technical learning, as well as for students and faculty from Caltech who are exposed to local engineering and processes during their visits.

A joint project 'New Product Development for Developing World'  by California Institute of Technology (Caltech) with Saintgits College of Engineering and Saintgits Institute of Management  started in 2010 is in progress.  This year, subsequent to the video conference series for a period of three months from May 2011, joint teams of students of Saintgits College of Engineering and Saintgits Institute of Management undertook a study of the small scale industry to identify process/product improvement areas.

A group of three faculty and eight students of California Institute of Technology and its Art Center led by Prof. Kenneth Pickar visited Kerala for a   two week period in August- September 2011 to study the identified projects together with the Saintgits teams. Each day of the visit a stock taking session was held to review the major observations of the visit and to identify potential projects with evaluation criteria for projects being Do-ability,Impact, Technical value, Marketability and Interest of teams.
Further, the project continued through e-learning platforms and video conferencing sessions which included project presentations, lectures on product development and marketing, discussion sessions and proto type design. Professor Dr. Jason Cherian Issac and  Asst Professor Vinay Mathew John  of Saintgits College of Engineering and Professor Thomas Varghese  of Saintgits Institute of Management co-ordinated the joint program on behalf of Saintgits. The product developments based on select projects are under way.

Saintgits Institute of Management organised an interactive program, Human Capital in India, with University of Oslo students on January 12, 2012. The 40-student team of Economics graduate course students attended the program that focused on issues such as future growth, sustainable development, human rights, corruption, socio-economic - cultural differences, etc.




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