Centre for Financial Services - Saintgits Institute of Management

Centre for Financial Services

CFS is a research wing of Saintgits Institute of Management. The main functions are research, consultancy and training in the field of banking and finance. Its formal inauguration was done on 11th Nov.2011 in the NCFB-2011. Even before the formal inauguration the center has started its functioning.
We conducted two Management Development Programmes for Bankers, one at Saintgits Institute of Management and one at Thalassery.

We also conducted a Seminar on US Debt Crisis which was attended by around 200 participants. The speakers in this seminar were Dr.V.K.Vijayakumar and Mr.P.S.Menon- two luminaries in the field of economics and capital markets.

Currently, two research works are underway in the Centre:

1. A study on Mergers and Acquisitions -by Dr .Roji George and Ms.Jino mol.

2. Investor protection through financial literacy- the emerging role of financial advisors- by Prof.K.Subramoniam

Management Development Programme
For staff of Meenachil East Urban Co-operative Bank, Poonjar, on 15th July, 2012.
The programme was inaugurated by the Chairman of the Bank Mr.Kurien at 10 a.m.
It focused on the following areas:

1. Adoption of Core banking Technology and Change Management.
2. Team work in Bank.
3. "Customer is Profit" - Customer Relationship Management.
4. Self development - the way to professional success.

MDP Session in Progress


Workshop on Stock market, commodities and forex derivatives markets

DATE    : 12th July,2012, Thursday

VENUE : Seminar hall , SIM

TIME     : 9.30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Workshop on Stock market, Forex, Commodities and Derivatives markets on 12th July, 2012 at Seminar Hall, SIM. The subject specialists who spoke on the occasion are Sri.N.P.Rajiv, Sri.Shibunath T. Appu, Sri.M.Aravind, Sri.Anand Sheyon and Sri. Satish Francies. 54 students of SIM and 23 students from other colleges participated.