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Personality Development Activities

These activities comprise boot camps, attitude development, and group mentoring. Each mentoring groups consists of 15 students and a faculty member. Beginning with the Big 5 personality test to identify goals, the students are mentored to decide on the goals, define how to achieve them, monitor them regularly, receive feedback and move progressively towards the goal. This unique process is customized for each student to ensure that your personality is developed to achieve your goals.


Communication Development Activities

These comprise public speaking specialist intervention by the Raamanathan Group, daily news reading, analysis and presentation, English language classes, Cambridge Business English Certification, debate and elocution club activities, and book reviews.


Personal Brand Building Activities

SIM conducts includes several brand-building courses, short courses as well as Six Sigma, ERP, Customer Relations Management, Insurance and Mutual Fund Regulatory Authority certification courses.


Industry Interaction Activities

SIM conducts several industry visits and industry captain’s interactive talks to increase the students' interaction with industry and also ensures each student completes at least three important projects with the industry during the course.


Placement Activities

Placement training receives key focus at SIM. This is achieved through group-wise studies on various sectors fordeep knowledge and skillsas a foundation for career choice. This is followed by a pre placement camp where senior industry professionalsinteract with you in preparation for the placement. At least three to four sets of mock interviews, several rounds of group discussion and aptitude tests are conducted to prepare you to face the placement process with confidence.


Social Responsibility Activities

Under this program that is designedto build empathy with the wider community,SIM students interact with people at the old age homes, and celebrate Christmas with them.

Life At SIM