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Counselling Division

SAINTGITS runs a counseling centre to nourish mental health of its students. A welfare officer is available for day to day moral and emotional support of the student. Apart from the welfare officer, renowned psychologist and counselor Rev.Dr.T J Thomas visits the college for counseling on all Tuesdays.  The centre supports the students in molding their character with self confidence. Counselors de-stress the students by listening to their problems and suggest simple solutions. They strive to relieve the students and help to make the learning process interesting.
Counsellors are very supportive in guiding the students. The candidates at times come face to face with certain social issues or problems which tend to cause inferiority complex in them. The mentoring team makes sure that no such deterioration happens with the psychosocial understanding of the students. They are counselled to become better human beings and advised to stand tall for the social cause. Special attention is given to drop out and failed students. 
Male and female students are free to register for consultations through their class advisors during the working hours. Counselling is provided both at college and hostels

Student Welfare Officer & Counsellor: Ms Babalu Sara Koshy (MSW, M.Sc. Psychology)
Visiting Professional Counsellor: Rev. Dr.T.J.Thomas B.A, B.D, D.Min (Counselling)

Once the student gets admitted into the four year B.Tech programme, he/she starts her learning process through faculty members who are their real mentors. In each class 20 students are allotted to each faculty member who functions as a group counselor for them. The faculty counselor is to monitor the regularity of the student in attendance and his/her performance in academics. Moreover the faculty counselor is expected to offer counseling in human values and core principles of success to the students attached to him/her. The college has a student welfare officer who is in charge of college level counseling facility and a professional counselor, Rev.Fr.Dr T J Thomas, visiting the campus every Tuesday who will attend the students identified by the faculty counselor/welfare officer. 

You will be supplied with the necessary information about confidentiality during your first appointment. Your counselor will review this with you, answering any questions you may have. This will be within the parameters of the university rules and regulations.

At Saintgits each student has a faculty mentor. When a batch joins Saintgits, twenty students are assigned to a faculty mentor. From the first day at college till graduation, the faculty mentor will be an advisor, teacher, role model and friend.

Through frequent mentor- student interaction, the mentor seeks to help a student optimize an educational experience, to assist the student's socialization into a disciplinary culture, and to help the student find suitable employment. These obligations can extend well beyond formal schooling and continue into or through the student's career.

Mentor- student relation in Saintgits is built upon mutual respect, trust, understanding, and empathy. Our Experienced faculty mentors are able to share life experiences and wisdom, as well as technical expertise. They are good listeners, good observers, and good problem-solvers. They make an effort to know, accept, and respect the goals and interests of a student. In the end, they establish an environment in which the student's accomplishment is limited only by the extent of his or her talent.

When faculty mentor feels that his student need an expert counsellin, They are referred to the welfare officer. Also students themselves can volunteer for the expert counseling process. 


1.  Name - Rev. Fr. Dr. T J Thomas
    Qualification - B.A, B.D, D.Min (Counseling) 
    Experience (yrs)  - 37 Years (1980 to 2017)
    Availability in campus - Once in a week - on all Tuesdays

2. Name - Babalu Sara Koshy
    Qualification - MSW, PGDGC, M. Sc Psychology and MHRM
    Experience (yrs)  - 12 years (2005 to 2017)
    Availability in campus - 
    Available on college working days from 10.30 am to 6.30 pm- on all days

For counseling, Please contact your staff advisor. Counseling can be booked only through your staff mentor. 


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